About Rock-Cable

Since the foundation of Rock-Cable, the products have well established themselves among musicians.

The brand 
Products that are sold under the name Rock-Cable® have become well established among musicians in the past years since the brand was founded in 2004. Professional as well as semi-professional artists appreciate the outstanding product benefits and the excellent price-performance ratio, which we are able to offer and achieve thanks to optimum production efficiency.

The budget-friendly Rock-Cable® line comprises a rich assortment of audio products and cables for video applications and thus offers a professional alternative. Secondary noise reducing technologies such as “conductive plastic” and capacity-optimised materials are benefits which cannot be found with other products in this price range.

Quality features
All audio cables by Rock-Cable® are soldered by hand and assembled with REAN® connectors with metal housings. The connectors feature nickel- or gold-plated contacts and moulded bushings which can be easily opened for service purposes. Rock-cable® products fulfil all necessary requirements and are available at attractive prices thanks to excellent production efficiency.

Our video cables are manufactured by hand, but the housings are welded and cannot be opened.

General information
Damages caused by interferences and resulting modifications of the products are excluded from liability. Damages due to improper handling and consequential damages are also not covered.

Technical information
Technical changes by the manufacturer are possible and can be implemented without prior notice. Technical data and drawings are non-binding and provided for information purposes only. According to official safety regulations regarding the use of electronic devices, all components requiring testing that do not bear the SEV identification label - even if they bear a similar label - may only be used in the voltage range of up to 50 V AG or 72 V DC.

The listed prices are non-binding guiding prices including VAT. Prices are subject to change.