Balanced cable assembled with 3.5 mm stereo mini plugs with gold-plated contacts on both sides (ex RCST*MPMP).

Because of the advancing miniaturisation of mobile audio devices or audio connections on computers, there are more and more 3.5 mini plugs used. Our balanced mini plug cables are especially suitable for this kind of application.

Article No. Length
NRA-070-0020-006 60 cm
NRA-070-0020-009 90 cm
NRA-070-0020-020 2 meters
NRA-070-0020-030 3 meters
NRA-070-0020-050 5 meters
NRA-070-0020-070 7 meters
NRA-070-0020-100 10 meters
NRA-070-0020-125 12.5 meters
NRA-070-0020-150 15 meters
NRA-070-0020-175 17.5 meters
NRA-070-0020-200 20 meters